What’s the Best Type of Press Brakes to Add to the Shop?

July 19, 2019   |   by admin

When it’s time to buy new press brakes for your fabrication shop, you may feel lost in the abundance of choices and options. Most shops use their press brakes for 20+ years, so it’s easy to understand why your technology and knowledge may be a bit outdated.  There are so many options to choose form these days, including new models.

New & Improved Technology

Press brakes are better than ever, so once it’s installed at your shop, you’ll immediately start noticing the benefits. Forget anything that you think that you know about press brakes. There are lots of energy-efficient options that work fast and provide near perfect accuracy. Could you ask for more?

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A Great Shop Ahead

Be sure to find a great cnc sheet metal cutting shop to help with the fabrication of the press brakes. The best shop is experienced, licensed and insured, professional and honest, and has a good reputation.  Prices are also lower when a fabrication expert is on the job.

Types of Press Brakes

Electric, hydraulic, and hybrid press brakes are available. This can cause even more confusion when it’s time to make this purchase.  Hydraulic press brakes push oil from side to side, but they operate all day long, constantly using energy.  Add energy-saving enhancements with this press brake.

Electric & Hybrid Press Brakes Information

The electric press brake saves about two times the energy that a hydraulic press brake uses. It’s the best option for people who care about efficiency. Note that the costs of operations around the shop may decline considerably once this upgraded addition is made. Many people use hybrids because they offer the best of both worlds and give the user features from each machine type.